Friday, September 3, 2010

Big Ten stays Big

College football season kicked off this past Thursday with a full slate of games this weekend. Ohio State began their quest for a national title with a convincing 45-7 win over Marshall. It is always nice to get the first game under your belt in college as you never know how things are going to unfold. Among the highlights this weekend include UConn's first trip to Michigan Stadium and of course Notre Dame opening up their season-I have been to their campus and had lots of friends who went there. It should be a great ride.

There was news this week from the Big Ten. Nebraska joined for the 2011 season bringing the total number of teams to 12-which meant the would separate into two divisions. There was talk that Ohio State and Michigan would move into different divisions and changing the rivalry dramatically-possibly moving it to the middle of October which would be like Santa Claus coming on Labor Day. They did wind up putting the teams in two divisions but said that they would continue to play on the last Saturday of the regular season. There might be a possibility that they would rematch in the Big Ten title game.

My thoughts on this is that this rivalry being played on the last Saturday of the season is a time honored tradition and kudos to the Big Ten for putting the interests of the fans over money in this one. The nature of the conference is that nine times out of ten a team will have to win on the final Saturday to earn a spot in the title game so a rematch of OSU-Michigan will happen once a decade at most. If it does, whats wrong with an extra OSU-Michigan game, especially if your team wins!

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