Sunday, April 25, 2010

NFL Draft

The NFL Draft came and went this weekend. Here are my thoughts:
Tim Tebow was drifted in the first round by Denver. Talk about getting hit by the "Mac truck" of reality. He goes from a situation from where he was treated like Jesus Christ to one where he will be in the shadow of none other than John Elway. Unless he can win Super Bowl(s) and have the same number, and lead the team in 4th quarter comebacks like number 7 did he won't ever be looked upon in the same light.

The Patriots showed a lot of arrogance by trading draft picks all over the place like they knew what they were doing. I really don't think after the disastrous playoff game they don't have a lot of deal making capital and they have to take advantage the best opportunities in the draft to do this. At least there is still time to make some free agent moves.

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