Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mike Leach

Texas Tech head football coach Mike Leach was accused of locking Adam James, the son of former SMU star and current ESPN analyst Craig James, in a shed because he claimed he had a concussion and thought he should sit out practice. He was promptly fired and will not coach in the upcoming Alamo Bowl game. Texas Tech University claimed it was blatant insubordination but I am sure it was a zero tolerance act.

My thoughts, the circumstances as to why he wanted to sit out or whether he should are questionable but this is borderline uncivilized punishment. We are not in the colonial days, tomorrow the calendar will turn to 2010. There are other more appropriate ways to discipline. This also questions how Leach was taking concussion concerns as there has been a serious crackdown on how to medically treat and handle players with head injuries.

Update: He got canned and the lawyers are getting involved. This dispute is going to be a cirucs!

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