Sunday, November 22, 2009

Misuse of stimulus funds in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and his administration approved of allocating $9 million in stimulus money to build a footbridge across US Route 1 next to Gilette Stadium, the New England Patriots home stadium, in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

I think this use of stimulus funds is a complete joke. While it does create jobs, the Patriots owner, Bob Kraft, has the financial resources to build this infrastructure if it there is necessity for it. Past history has said it would keep fans going to and from the bars on the other side of the highway safe, however the state should insist that Kraft pay for this himself considering that all of the other construction related to the fairly new complex was funded by him. This money needs to be put towards job creation in places where it is needed, like inner city areas in Lawrence or Lowell. I hope this begins to shed light as to how stimulus money is being used across the nation.

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