Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The campaign has come to a close

Congratulations to Creigh Deeds, Jody Wagner, and Patrick Hope on winning elections in Virginia and Arlington today. As Democrats, we will all give them our support as they enter campaigns with Republicans in November. In the case of Patrick, we wish him all the best as he will be the next Delegate from Arlington.

As far as the Miles Grant campaign. I want to congratulate everyone on all of their efforts and I could not be more proud of our team. Miles and every single volunteer showed class, professionalism and friendship from day one of this campaign and that is something that will not change. I hope we can take the lessons we learned from the past five or six months in bring them to our careers and our lives. Most importantly, we need to maintain these values in the Arlington community.

Once we have recovered and resumed our normal lives, I look forward to the entire team reconvening to, have some fun, and discuss where to go next as there is plenty to do before even thinking about 2011-and not just political campaigns. We have a lot of varied backgrounds, expertise, and interests and we need to continue to reinvigorate them into the Arlington community to make it a better place (the most important thing) and maybe, someday, Arlington will elect a delegate, whether it is Miles or someone else, that will have the values that this campaign cared deeply about.

I am now ready to kick off a relaxing summer. I am looking forward to getting back to golf, running (had been sidelined with an injury), swimming, watching baseball (Go Sox!), other social activities, and most importantly, finding and welcoming my next roommate. Our group is welcome to partake in any of those previously mentioned activities with me! Once again, thank you all for a great ride.

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