Sunday, June 21, 2009

Busy weekend

I had a busy weekend. I had to help a friend pack stuff up to move back to Los Angeles (not a triumphant return by any means) but given the times that we are in it is somewhat necessary. I am counting my blessings every day. I also saw "The Proposal" with my movie group. It was a great romantic comedy and Betty White was especially good. I also went to a friend's birthday party right after that in addition to dinner Friday night. I also took care of "apartment stuff" but I don't want to get into that stuff at this time right now. I did also take my first swim in the pool at the apartment complex. I am also going to try to get back to the gym and running next week. Only disappointment was not seeing the U.S. Open end today but there is nothing you can do about the weather I guess.

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