Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl weekend

Even though it isn't official this an an American holiday. Getting ready for parties and all of the pregame, game and post game rituals are as much of a tradition as putting up a Christmas tree or serving turkey on Thanksgiving.

This year's game features the Green Bay Packers vs. The Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. While there is bitterness that it isn't the Patriots, I have taken a step back and realized that this year's version is America at its finest. Tradition is meeting progress. The Packers and the Steelers are two of the NFL's most storied franchises and have combined for nine Lombardi trophies. Most importantly, this game is about the fans. On one side it is the steel workers from western Pennsylvania vs. the farmers and meatpackers in Wisconsin. These are the people that define America and they do deserve to watch their team play in this game. Cowboys Stadium is also the most state-of-the-art stadium built in the world and represents American progress.

As for the game, I like the Packers 33-30. Aaron Rodgers is determined to get out of the shadow of Brett Farve in this game and their defense will step up.

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