Thursday, November 4, 2010

Election 2010 Recap

This was a very bad night for the Democrats as the Republicans gained 60 seats. I still went 3-1 in the campaigns that I worked on. The only setback was Tom Periello in Virginia and he was an especially talented public servant so that was a difficult loss. Despite the wave and the "Scott Brown" effect Massachusetts held serve with all seats staying in Democratic hands, particularly my home district where Niki Tsongas won decisively. Despite a rocky term, Deval Patrick will also be governor in Massachusetts for another four years.

Now it is up to President Obama and the administration to work hard on compromises with the House leadership. I still feel that he was right in pushing through health insurance reform as he had the political capital and legislative backing to do this. It will be difficult to repeal with the checks and balances system getting in the way. Going forward, he will have no choice but to work with the other side in passing legislation as the "shove it down your throat" option won't work anymore. We will also get to welcome Tea Party members to DC, fortunately Chris Coons and Harry Read staved off a total influx of tea partiers. As Ted Kennedy said, the work begins anew starting now.

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