Thursday, September 10, 2009

President Obama's healthcare speech

President Obama delivered an address to Congress on Wednesday night discussing the basic principles of the health care bill that he hopes to pass. He stressed the importance of this bill for our nation and called on both parties to work together and make sure that this is passed. Most importantly he stressed the importance of establishing a government health care plan for those that cannot afford or do not want a private plan. This was a point of contention that a lot of supporters of health care reform were concerned he was not supporting-mainly because it might jeopardize passing the bill. However, Obama and the Democrats realize the importance of having this as part of the plan. It was a very evenhanded presentation of the issue and he made an all out attempt to rally Congress to do this-whether it happens remains to be seen.

The most significant moment of the night was Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina heckling the president during the speech. It is a microcosm of the attitude of the GOP as they only want to be an angry opposition and not come to the table and play. If they do not show up to play, they will have to "forfeit" so this is the time for them to begin working to get this done.

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